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126 ve136pvtt ve236pvttfl 36cells

Transparent Photovoltaic Modules to 36 cells

Transparent Photovoltaic Modules to 36 cellsHigh-efficiency transparent photovoltaic modules to 36 cells containing polycrystalline silica with a maximum output of 150 Wp, also come with an optional frame. Due to their varied grades of transparency (from 47% to 46%) offer a high level of functionality while still allowing the passage of vibrant rays of light. The primary applications of this type of product are: greenhouses, rooftops, parking garages, ceilings and building facades.


  • Power Range: 145Wp – 150Wp
  • Positive Tolerance: from 0 to +4,99 Wp 
  • Transparency: from 46% to 47% 
  • Backsheet color: Transparent
  • Thermal Characteristics: NOCT 42,7°C
  • Frame (or frameless): aluminium, height 35 mm  
  • Glass: thickness 3,2 mm (4,0 mm on frameless)
  • Cell: 36 cells 3BB Polycrystalline, Standard color
  • Type of protection: IP65
  • Connector: MC4 
  • Fire resistance: class of reaction to fire I
  • Warranty: 10 year against manufacturing defects



Technical documentation

Behaviour in standard test conditions STC

Behaviour in NOCT conditions

Transparent Photovoltaic Modules to 36 cells Complete data sheet —> Data Sheet ITA Transparent Photovoltaic Modules to 36 cellsData Sheet ENG Transparent Photovoltaic Modules to 36 cellsData Sheet FRA Transparent Photovoltaic ModulesData Sheet DEU Transparent Modules to 36 cellsData Sheet ESP Transparent Photovoltaic Data Sheet POR Transparent Modules to 36 cells Installation ManualTransparent Modules to 36 cells 




The firm holds all of the certifications necessary to operate in accordance with the norms IEC 61215 : 2005, EN 61730 1-2 :2007, as well as the norms of the regulated productive cycle, which are necessary for the company’s receipt of tax incentives.

V-energy adheres to the regulations of COBAT regarding the collection and recycling of expiring and expired photovoltaic modules in Italy.

Certification TUV (Factory Inspection made in UE)

cobat: consortium national collection and recycling

CE: conformity marking

product certifications



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