company logistics

company logistics

The Logistics of our Company

Speed and punctuality. Two qualities with which one evaluates professionalism.

venergy: logistica venergyLogistics has become one of the most important factors used to determine a company’s competitiveness. For this reason V-energy pays ample attention to the organizational and strategic activities that govern incoming and outgoing materials, as well as relative information.

Even in the preliminary phases of production, the modern technology and professional management of V-energy oversee the collection, storage and careful movement of the raw materials it first provides to our manufacturing department. In the postproduction phase, the company prepares the final product for transport to the client.

Our cell preservation room is an example of our commitment to the careful storage and transportation of our products. The room provides the cells with a climate-controlled environment so that their integrity will remain preserved until the moment in which the cells will be used with maximum precision and in the best possible condition. The logistics team of V-energy prides itself on its speed, punctuality and unwavering commitment to customer service.