our challenge

our challenge

Our challenge

V-energy Green Solutions has accepted the challenge of production in Italy by focusing on values such as quality, presence, expertise and territorial assistance, differentiating itself in order to beat the competition of Italian and foreign companies.

venergy: Our challenge

In doing so it has become the ideal reference point for reliability and professionalism.

In 2013, V-energy Green Solutions launched its presence abroad.

An important example of this challenge concerns the new production of photovoltaic modules in Argentina, where a partnership consolidation with local investors gave birth in the same year to the LV energy project (www.lv-energy.com).

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V-energy Solar Solutions branch of V-energy Green Solutions Srl; Headquarters: Via Per Castelletto Cervo 397 – 13836, Cossato (BI);
Legal Head Office: Via Pietro Paleocapa 6 – 24122, Bergamo (BG); Tax code and V.A.T. registration number: 02534270026 – Italian R.E.A. (Index of Economic and Administrative Information) number: BG-434280 – Fully paid-up joint stock € 100.000,00