photovoltaic modules production

photovoltaic modules production

The Production of Photovoltaic Modules

The Production of Photovoltaic Modules by improving the quality of the workplace one increases productivity.

produzione venergy, sicurezza venergy, lavoro venergyV-energy is a business that boasts a culture of health and well-being in the workplace. We strive to maintain a rigorously clean environment even in the manufacturing department; one that is air-conditioned and climate-controlled in order to guarantee optimal conditions for our workers and sub-contractors, as well as for the fabrication of modules of the highest possible quality.

In addition, our human resources department provides our employees with continuing education consisting of internal courses on professional development and motivational seminars designed to encourage the best possible performance and highest level of satisfaction from those under our employ.   

This continuing education program insures that our technicians and workers are highly trained and capable of conducting meticulous inspections during every phase of production for every single module according to precise manufacturing specifications and requisites. We apply the same rigor to the maintenance of the machinery utilized in the manufacturing and assembly processes. Our equipment undergoes regularly scheduled renovations in order to obtain the ideal performance from every component.

It is because of this philosophy that a second production line, one characterized by avant-garde technology provided by Schmid, will operate alongside our existing line, thereby increasing its productive power by 35 megawatts.