quality designing

quality designing

The Designing of Quality

Design, execution, and quality control. And all “Made in Italy”.

At the very heart of V-energy one will find a well-structured Department of Design, one that is attentive to the evolution of technology, whose fundamental task it is to guarantee the absolute maximum performance of our products in any and every particular condition.

In addition to conducting research on raw and primary materials, the technical office concerns itself with the study and the design of new modules so that they may present to the market an important alternative in the way of “custom-made” products, ones that are designed according to the needs of the client and in such a way that the client may take advantage of all of the Photovoltaic module’s possible uses.

It is because of this philosophy and business model that, in addition to standard Series 100 and Series 200 modules at 60 cells and with various levels of strength, V-energy is capable of manufacturing large-scale transparent solar “covers” from its Italian plant. Initially designed for use in greenhouses, they have since been implemented in architectural spheres.

Examples of these are the VE154PV and the VE136PV, which boast 54 and 36 cells, respectively, as well as different sizes and levels of transparency that will vary according to the intended use of the modules.

The ample selection offered by V-energy also features modules with cells of various tones and hues: from Maple Red to Fresh Garden, which can be customized to match the “covering” and border of anodized aluminum.
The resulting product is subjected to continual inspections of quality control.

Every single module is painstakingly examined in order to evaluate its performance and, keeping in mind the safety of people and personal property, the quality of its insulation. Before being processed, packed and shipped to its intended recipient, every module is subject to three different tests undertaken under the attentive scrutiny of our Quality Control department.

This guarantees the conformity of each unit to our rigorous internal standards.
The Departments of Design and Quality Control allow V-energy to maintain a constant state of development through research, “artisanal care,” and a high level of professionalism that come into play during the conception, realization, and evaluation of our products.