Unparalleled attention to the market and a profound understanding of the needs of our clientele.

The Sales Department of V-energy is the trait d’union between the company and the market. It is composed of professional Human Resource Department who remains attentive to the new technologies of a sector in which perpetual and always greater technological advancements to the industrial field, both public and private, are the norm.
But our Sales Department is more than just this. Moreover, it is the expression of a new approach with our clientele: a methodology whose aim is to establish a complete partnership in order to find the optimal products to fit both our clients’ individual specifications, as well as ensuring the best possible universal utilization of photovoltaic solar modules.

We promise uncompromising service, from the rigorous investigation as to the feasibility of a project, to troubleshooting and the maintenance of our products. The professionals of V-energy are capable of meeting the legitimate needs of our clients and providing them with assistance of the highest caliber, thanks to the efforts of our invaluable technical staff.

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