who we are

who we are

Who We Are: The Origins of Our Company

Born with innovation. Growth with collaboration.

We are V-energy srl, manufacturers of photovoltaic solar modules. Our company was founded in 2008 with the objective of diversifying the industrial activities of Biella, the most important wool manufacturing district in Italy.

Company venergy, Company venergy, venergy biellaOur aim is to introduce a new reality to the city, one dedicated to utilizing alternative and reusable sources of energy. We are an avant-garde sector working in concert with the changing global and economic landscape. Together, we hope to develop a sustainable level of progress, for the preservation of both humankind and of the environment.

Another defining characteristic of V-energy is our operative philosophy, which is founded upon our strict collaboration with our technicians. It is only through consistent and effective exchanges of information and ideas with those who work “in the field” that we can find the right solutions regarding the evolution and the optimization of our final products for the ultimate clients: public and private corporations that fundamentally believe in both the abatement of costs and the absence of environmentally-hazardous materials.